Best Things to do in Hamburg


The town of Hamburg has a well-deserved reputation as Germany’s Gateway to the World. It’s the country’s biggest port and the second-busiest in Europe, despite being located astride the River Elbe, some 100 kilometers from the North Sea. It is also Germany’s second largest city. It values its status to be as independent as you can of other states that have existed or currently exist in Germany. On the centuries, Hamburg is definitely an international city. This isn’t only due to its position in international trade, but also in political dimensions. The harbor is one’s heart of the town; however, Hamburg is also one of the main media hubs in Germany. Hamburg still keeps its tradition of being an open, yet discreet city. Citizens of Hamburg, just similar to Northern Germans, may appear to be quite reserved at first. Once they get to understand with whom they are dealing, they’ll be as warm and friendly as you’d wish. Hamburg has the fifth-largest international airport in Germany, so arrival by plane is an evident selection for those visiting from far away. There are lots of connections within Europe, although only some intercontinental direct services are offered. Don’t miss a chance to explore one of Europe’s largest and most important port cities, Hamburg. This walking tour will provide you with usage of a professional guide that could lead you landmarks such as the UNESCO-listed Speicherstadt, the Nikolai Church, and the Elbphilharomie. Hear tales about Hamburg’s history, from Hanseatic trade deals to WWII bombing. The Village of Hamburg has so much to provide and is quickly becoming a destination for young families. There are a number of small beaches on the North side of the Elbe River between Övelgönne and Blankenese. Although not common, it’s safe to swim in the Elbe there. You might have a barbecue there in the evenings, as long as you bring a grill and cleanup after yourself. Hamburg publishes a thick, detailed booklet of local museums called “Museumswelt Hamburg “.You’ll find the Museumswelt Hamburg at the information desk at some of the museums. The best way to explore Hamburg’s extensive waterways (Hamburg boasts more bridges than Amsterdam, Venice and London combined, but which includes almost any bridge) is on a ferry or pleasure boat. Boat trips are largely divided in to those on the inner city Alster Lake (both, inner and outer lakes) and harbor trips on the Elbe River.

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